New product presentation SLX1524
Cardin Elettronica would like to inform you that their heavy automation for sliding gates SL1524SB has been updated.
The installation procedure for this motor is perfectly compatible with the previous model.
The aim of this important update is the creation of an automation device that has greater performance levels, greater reliability and at the same time is easier to install and use.
To achieve these results we based the project on state-of-the-art electronics, coordinated with the latest range of Cardin systems that would not only be able to work faultlessly during all the work stages and at all temperatures but would at the same time be robust and easy to use.
SLX1524 is part of a new generation of automatic sliding gate motors ideally for use on apartment block entrance gates of up to 1500 kg in weight. The motor comes standard with integrated electronics, NiMH batteries and a slot-in battery charger.
SLX1524 is a professional appliance designed for installations that respect the standards and regulations in force.
Installations that have always placed the onus very much on the safety aspect which, for Cardin, is just as important as the exemplary performance levels that these programmers have to offer.

  • The system of programming has been simplified by the addition of a real-time graphic display that allows the status of the ECU, the safety devices, the command systems and the number of manoeuvres carried out by the machine, to be displayed. System parameters are easily set through the use of a menu that is clear and easily understood.
  • The electronics card, thanks to the presence of the real-time clock, allows you to set 10 events (shown on the display) and these events permit you to regulate the opening and closing of the motor at different times during the day within 3 weekly time bands (Mon-Fri, Sat-Sun, Mon-Sun); the events can be enabled or disabled (during holiday periods) either from the menu or  by means of a radio channel.
  • Motor control is now carried out using the partialization system with controlled acceleration and braking
  • The automation comes complete with NiMH batteries and an extractable battery charger card.
  • SLX1524 Made for your satisfaction.
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