Cardin is proud to present ELDOM34 the new automation system for road barriers with adjustable opening time below 3/4 seconds; it comes with a 24 Vdc powered motor and offers the possibility of operating with arm lengths of 3/4-metres.
Designed and made for application in any size car park, the boom barrier made in steel (passivation cataphoresis + powder coating) offers long-term reliability and durability even in environments containing corrosive elements such as salinity or fumes and smoke.
All the equipment is housed and protected inside the cabinet fitted with a removable large inspection panel with key lock and hinged lockable top cover.
The mechanical part is mounted on a sturdy steel frame and basically consists of a high-efficiency double-reduction gear motor and a spring balance (adjustable).
The electronic control unit, complete with battery charger and NiMH buffer batteries, is fixed inside the cabinet and protected by a waterproof container.
The programmer controls the beam position through encoder with self-learning programming.
The electronic control unit is also fitted with a backlit graphic LCD (128 x 128 pixel), which allows the display, through menus in six different languages, of all the functions in progress, the readout of the number of operations performed by the automation system and quick setting of the system parameters including the dynamic key mode, automatic closure, pre-blinking and adjustment of deceleration during opening and closing.
The integrated S504 radio receiver in the standard ELDOM34 provides a high degree of safety and security guaranteed by the 128-bit encryption, while the RFID technology on the transmitters and use of the PGBASE500 codes programming base allow remote enabling.
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