People of Cardin Elettronica

Each Cardin appliance passes from hand to hand through successive work and control stages, in a factory where technology finds itself seamlessly integrated between manufacturing machinery and people who think, work and transmit passion for what they do, so much so that when it arrives in your hands it is able to provoke a sensation of welcoming familiarity.


Everybody in Cardin has a name

Alessandro's driving tends towards a sporting style, Khalifa who loves spaghetti, Paolo who always arrives twenty minutes early, Alberto who smokes when he gets the chance, Laura with her osmanthus perfume, Phillip who loves to talk, Gabriella who loves to listen, Anm Majfuzul who drinks seven coffees, Giuliana always following the latest fashion and Jessica who never loses her patience.

Every character is a face of our company. Creativity, foresight, daring, pride, endeavour, open and closed relationships, determination, routine, enthusiasm, sharing and egoism are all facets of our know-how.

The concept that unites us can be found in what we make, which is after all an Italian product.

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