Company profile

Every company

is a unique world. 

Welcome to ours.

Key values that are a part of us today, have always been part of the Cardin make up.

The simplicity with which we are seen and understood; silence as a method of communication; saving in order to recapture a lifestyle; considering the future as a responsibility towards our children; safety as a reassuring touch. The truth behind our products is all of this.

History lends creed

to our choices.

1974 sees the start of our story.

But already the precise guide lines are laid out, concrete and without abstraction, based on entrepreneurial values that still hold true today: respect for those who collaborate with us and for the environment that surrounds us. Trust in the people, in the projects and in the future.

The desire to produce systems for automation and access control using selective materials, catalysing the best of our area in terms of competence, experience and the need for excellence.

That very same excellence that has allowed us to become part of the Riello Elettonica Group giving further vent to and opening up horizons for our values.

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