Motor power supply 24 Vdc

Maximum gate weight 1000 kg

Drag speed 10,8 m/min.


The automation is made up of a robust encoder-controlled geared motor and an electronic control unit complete with emergency batteries, battery charger and incorporated radio control. The geared motor is connected to the electronics card by means of a six-wire, fast-fitting cable. The electromechanical geared motor has been designed to guarantee maximum adaptability when being inserted into the support column of a gate and is fitted with all the fastenings required for every type of solution. The drive shaft is removable to allow rapid installation and to facilitate the precise positioning of the geared motor.
Extremely compact the drive components are enclosed in a robust cast aluminium structure. A double-reduction kinetics system immersed in permanently fluid grease works side by side with an efficient low-voltage motor that allows the system to obtain the maximum levels of performance whilst maintaining absolute operating silence when the unit is working. The geared motor guarantees that the gate is locked in the closed position. The emergency manoeuvre (release system) is carried out by means of an efficient manual release system integrated into the geared motor. The automation, available in two versions with different motor power levels automation is suitable for driving sliding gates with up to a maximum weight of 1000 kg.

The gate position is encoder controlled and self-programming allowing precision positioning and reducing installation times to a minimum.
Repositioning takes place automatically whenever foreign objects get in the way of the gate as it is moving. If the motor release system has been activated a sensor positioned on the mechanical components will force the programmer to carry out automatic repositioning the next time a command is given.
The electronic control unit is completed by the anti-crush and“soft start” and “soft stop” functions. The electronic components are housed in a shock-proof plastic container IP55 and are factory fitted with a slot-in battery charger, NiMH buffer batteries driving the gate during emergencies, an RF module for remote control and a Liquid Crystal Display (LCD 16 digits x 2 lines) which allows all the running functions and the number of manoeuvres carried out by the automation to be monitored as well permitting rapid parameter and function mode setting.
The care that has been taken in the design and realisation of the mechanical parts, the select choice of materials and the use of high quality components has allowed us to offer two models with differing power outputs both of which give exceptional performance on traditional sliding gate systems as well as on-board sliding gate systems.

Product DescriptionCode
  • SLi924ELB

  • SET INSIDE 105/SLi924ELB

  • SLi924ESB

  • SET INSIDE 105/SLi924ESB






 Motor power supply  Vdc  24   24
 Electrical input  A  8,5  8,5
 Power input  W  200  200
 Duty cycle  %  70  70
 Drag speed  m/min  10,8  10,8
 Maximum gate weight  kg  1000  700
 Protection grade  IP  44  44
 Operating temperature range  C°  -20 +55  -20 +55


 Power supply  Vac  230  230
 Electrical input  A  1,2  1,2
 Maximum power yield  W  250  250
 Protection grade  IP  55  55
 Class II device  Cls  II  II


 Reception frequency S449  MHz  433,92  433,92
 Number of channels  N°  4  4
 Number of functions  N°  2  2
 Number of stored codes  N°  300  300



1 Geared motor
2 Internal photocells
3 External photocells
4 Electronic programmer
5 Warning lights
6 Mechanical selector switch
7 External aerial
8 Channelling route for low voltage wires
9 All pole circuit breaker
10 Active safety edge
11 Radiosafe
12 Mains cable 230 Vac

Attention: The drawing is purely indicative and is supplied as a working base from which to choose the Cardin electronic components making up the installation. This drawing therefore does not lay down any obligations regarding the execution of the installation.

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